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Leveluk SD501P

Introducing the BRAND NEW 5-Language SD501 Platinum! The all new Platinum features a sleek design that coordinates well with today's stylish kitchens. It has the same powerful performance in an all-new package. Smart New Look, Same Reliable SD 501 !

Leveluk K8

The Kangen® 8 is Enagic®'s most powerful antioxidant machine. This machine features 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionization and increased antioxidant production potential. You can enjoy this Kangen Water® machine at our store in Covington, LA.

Leveluk SD501U

Free up extra space on your counter with one of our most popular machines! With the quality and power of the SOSO 1, but the convenience of nestling discreetly under your sink, this Enagic® machine is both practical and highly accommodating. You will still enjoy a fully featured, compact LCD control panel that is wall-mounted.

Leveluk SD501

The SD501 is our most popular home model with all of the features needed for your entire family! This industry-leading machine conveniently connects to your kitchen faucet and generates enough of the 5 types of Enagic® water for you to share with your community and loved ones.

Leveluk JRII

This model is a good entry level choice. The JRII has three solid electrode plates, which reduces energy consumption. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is considered one of Enagic's "starter" models.

This powerful Enagic® machine is a large family unit. This is our top of the line unit and it works well for small businesses, nursing homes and any even large family usage. This machine has 12 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates, and generates all 5 different types of Enagic® water!

Leveluk Super 501

Anespa DX

The ANESPA DX Home Spa System transforms your ordinary bathroom into a natural hot spring resort. ANESPA produces a continuous stream of healthy ionized mineral water. It removes chlorine and other harmful substances in your tap water, and adds safe, moisturizing minerals that are healthy for your skin and hair.

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The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic®'s "starter" models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget. This machine produces 3 levels of alkaline drinking waters and Beauty Water ,with 3 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates. Stay hydrated and enjoy healthy personal hygiene at a great bargain!


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